Guest Blogging and Content Creation Opportunities for Bloggers, Fashionistas, and Shoe Lovers

Are you a fashion blogger, personal stylist/shopper, or other fashion devotee? How would you like to write about everybody's favorite fashion topic – shoes – and get paid for it?

We are currently recruiting talented bloggers, stylists, and tastemakers to contribute to our shoe blog, and for other content creation tasks. We are looking for content along the following lines:

  • Styling how-tos – e.g., How to style over-the-knee boots; etc.
  • Top 10 lists – e.g., Perfect party shoes for the holiday season; Stylish-yet-warm winter boots; etc.
  • Solution to a problem – e.g., How to care for suede shoes; Can you stretch too-small shoes?; etc.
  • Shoe trends – e.g., Winning styles in your city, on the red carpet, on the runway
  • Curated showcases of shoes, organized around a theme
  • Shoe lover gift guides

This is a paid opportunity, and you'll even be able to earn affiliate income if someone buys a product you recommend in your contributed post, showcase, or gift guide. We will also include your bio and a link back to your blog in your content, to increase your online presence.

If you're interested in paid content creation opportunities on, apply below. Let's get the conversation started!

Apply To Be A Guest Content Creator

In simple terms, the guest content creation program works like this:

  • Get the process started by completing the brief form below
  • When you hear back from us, tell us what you'd like to write about or how you'd like to contribute, so we can make sure your topic is a good fit for our site
  • Once we accept your topic, we'll tell you the fee schedule in effect for this particular type of content, and when you'll get paid. The fee schedule may change from contribution-to-contribution, but it won't change from the time we accept a topic to the time we publish the associated content
  • You can include affiliate links in your content; create them using the Society of Shop affiliate link creation tool
  • Once you submit your content, we may accept it as-is, ask you for edits, edit it ourself, or reject it. If we reject it, you don't get paid
  • If we accept an article for publication, we'll post it according to our schedule
Clicking Apply signifies your acceptance of the terms and conditions below

Guest Blogger Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your participation in the guest blogger program.

You are responsible for the topic of your blog post. However, you must get approval from the editorial team for the topic of your post prior to writing it, to ensure that it is a good fit with our site.

We reserve the exclusive right to choose what articles to publish or not publish and are not obligated to provide you with a reason for rejecting your submitted article. In addition, while we are under no obligation to do so, once published, we reserve the right to remove and permanently delete the article without notice, and for any reason we deem sufficient.

The content you submit must be your original content and never before published, online or offline. If your article is accepted, please feel free to link to it from your site or other sites.

You must not plagiarize others in your article.

The content you submit must not be objectionable in our reasonable but exclusive opinion. No racist, hateful, discriminatory, illegal, unlawful or otherwise objectionable content will be published.

In submitting your article, you are granting us a perpetual license to use the content however we wish so long as we give you writer's credit and pay you according to the Guest Blogger Fee Schedule provided to you when we approve your blog topic. We will pay you 30 days after publishing your article. If we reject your submitted article, we will not pay you your fee.

We reserve the right to change The Guest Blogger Fee Schedule at any time; any changes will take effect the next time you submit a blog topic for approval.

You may include affiliate links in your article, and earn affiliate commissions, as long as they are created using the Society of Shop affiliate link creation tool.

We may accept the article but request you edit the article, and you may elect to do so or not. However, if you elect not to edit it in accordance with our reasonable requests, we can revoke our acceptance of the article for publication. We further reserve the right to revoke our acceptance even if you do elect to edit it per our request if our needs change in the intervening time period.

You must supply us with the credit information for the article, along with any website which publicizes your information and/or products. We will publish this information at the end of the article. However, we ask that you refrain from promoting yourself, your company and/or your products in the body of the article.

You understand that once you have submitted your article, you are still responsible for its content.

Additionally, guest bloggers must respect the following guidelines regarding any submitted article:

  • The body of the article should be 1,000 words or less
  • Guest bloggers must submit the title of the post. The title of the post can be a maximum of 10 words
  • Guest bloggers should submit images for the article, with full attribution credit included.
  • Guest bloggers may provide a 100 word or less biography to be included with the post
  • Guest bloggers may provide a headshot, either png or jpg
  • Guest bloggers are entitled to provide one link and one Twitter handle. If we find either link or Twitter handle inappropriate, we have the right to not include the link and/or Twitter handle with the post
  • We reserve the right to remove any published works by a guest blogger from without prior warning or explanation